Wed Jul 13 2016 New York City

Summer Trading Network 2016

Fintech: Beyond the Buzz
This half-day event will explore the intersection of financial technology and capital markets. We’ll look beyond the buzz and hype and drill down to what’s really important: how is fintech driving efficiency and innovation in financial services?

Fintech is affecting the wealth management business in ways that go beyond robo-advisors. Amid a digital revolution, wealth managers need to optimize client service via outsourcing and deploy technology to automate processes. There are connectivity challenges in a high-speed electronic market, such as linking to brokers, data providers, and technology vendors; on the B2C side, advisors must communicate online, mobile, on demand, or with a digital device of the client’s choice. A look toward the future raises the question of what is the potential for artificial intelligence in wealth management.

Speaking of AI, it’s big, and it’s coming to financial services. There are the nuts and bolts of ‘big data’ and correlation- and causal-based platforms, and there are the applications, such as optimizing processes in compliance departments and on institutional trading desks. More broadly, the market mindset of AI is slowly transitioning from threat to opportunity.

On the buy side ‘Invest-Tech’ has a broad range of applications. Institutional investment managers have historically lagged other market constituencies with regard to technology, but they need to achieve critical functionality, redundancy and security at the lowest cost. The trading desk in particular is a nexus of fintech for investment firms, as achieving state of the art is no longer a luxury. Going forward, blockchain and its potential will be closely watched.

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